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CIO Institute: Manchester (June 2023)

June 14

CIO Institute: Manchester

Wednesday 14th June 2023

08:30 - 17:30 GMT

Chamber Space, Manchester

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A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.


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This session will bring together prescient CIOs and other pre-qualified tech leaders to uncover how they can truly understand how to manage risk across their entire enterprise. Improving their risk management practices, elevating their role to high-value leader and harnessing the power of technology to attain a higher level of risk management.

  • Examining the critical role IT has to play in corporate governance, risk management and compliance efforts
  • Bridging the gap between silos to nurture risk expertise cross-functionally and opening lines of communication to gain a broader view on the totality of risk
  • Conducting a business impact analysis to highlight the ways your organisation is vulnerable to risk

Organisations across industry, of all sizes, have experienced a rise in the number of ransomware attacks, amounting to billions of dollars in lost revenue and cost. Senior leaders are desperately seeking solutions to help them become more resilient against the threats posed by these attacks.

  • Educating senior leadership on the importance of a robust cybersecurity strategy, before it’s too late
  • Defining what cyber hygiene looks like for your enterprise - Setting your cybersecurity budget in line with the potential cost of your downtime
  • Identifying key risks and vulnerabilities to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities

Organisations using AI are reporting increasing customer satisfaction year on year whilst making huge savings in operation costs. This session will help you navigate the challenges faced to drive growth.

  • Real time decision analysis for predicting behaviour
  • Enhance customer profiling using your unique data
  • Balancing self service AI chatbots and human interaction for convenient and efficient service

Join this discussion and discover how to effectively educate senior stakeholders, manage their expectations and align your thinking.

  • Focussing on data literacy at board level to increase organisational understanding of data processes
  • Collaborating closer with senior leadership to align on strategic objectives and drive value creation
  • Visualising business intelligence to democratise access to your data-driven insights

With more people continuing to work from home, the need to fortify network security while giving employees the flexibility they need to work remotely has become vitally important.

  • How can you secure devices and networks to ensure data integrity?
  • Threats from the inside - combatting human error and keeping good cyber-hygiene
  • Establishing and testing incident response plans
  • The strategies and processes that we need to consider implementing now to improve overall performance as a business to ensure the organisation's adaptability and growth as the business environment continues to evolve.
  • Creating a resilient workforce that will endure unforeseen changes and continue to drive business growth in these times of economic uncertainty. What is the best approach?
  • As the world continues to move through a constant state of change and digital skills gaps continue to increase, it is crucial now more than ever for organisations to take a creative and agile approach to talent acquisition in order to attract and retain the right skills. Finding the best people with the right skills is key, what approach can we take to successfully obtain the talent needed to close these gaps?

This senior-level discussion will explore the advancement of Generative AI, the opportunities it might offer for enhanced decision-making, content creation and value generation. Join CIOs and other pre-qualified leaders to understand the potential of this powerful technology, and how it might work within your organisation.

  • Augmenting creativity by embracing generative AI and breaking down traditional barriers
  • Examining simulation opportunities can help enhance your decision-making
  • Realising the true value of AI by identifying new opportunities across your network

Hackers are leveraging AI to make their attacks appear more authentic than ever. For senior leadership, it’s not enough to educate your employees anymore, as even the savviest can fall victim. CISO’s need to ensure they are equipped with the right technology to capture these attempts before they reach a human’s hands.

  • Examining the threat that AI poses to your cyber security strategy
  • Finding the right engineer that can blend data science and cyber security to combat next-generation attacks
  • Assessing how AIOps platforms can protect users from future threats

Recent trends show that the majority of digital initiatives are taking too long to implement and to realize value. Join this discussion of CIOs and other pre-qualified senior Digital leaders to explore growing concerns around digital transformation efforts during periods of economic slowdown and uncertainty.

  • Transform your approach from big picture to smaller victories to see immediate value
  • Embracing agile development methodologies to speed up enterprise initiatives and accelerate time to market
  • Educating your IT team on key business objectives and drivers to align tech with your senior leadership’s priorities
  • Increasing digital literacy across the enterprise and democratising access to technology

CIOs and security leaders are challenged with increasingly complex network security challenges. How can you securely connect anything and everything to bring your entire ecosystem together?

  • Accessing a suite of network connectivity capabilities across your cloud, users and data centres
  • Finding cost-effective and flexible solutions to deliver an immediate ROI
  • Taking a digital-first approach to network security and using tech to augment human behaviours

This boardroom discussion will bring together CIO’s and other pre-qualified cloud & tech leaders to identify the fundamental considerations to ensure success within the Cloud.

  • Aligning your cloud strategy with organizational objectives to identify quick wins and a visible ROI
  • Deep-diving into your IT systems to ensure a comprehensive cloud migration blueprint
  • Streamlining workflows and collaboration amongst teams to increase agility
  • Assessing how Cloud can protect against key security vulnerabilities to help optimise your risk management
  • Why is Sustainability essential for business resilience?
  • What different types of sustainability are crucial to promote in the workplace in 2023?
  • How are current, societal social themes redefining ideals of trust and reliance between businesses, users, markets and partners? What opportunities does this present for big business and tech leaders alike in terms of transformation, security and overall growth?
  • How can CIOs use human insight and connection together with analytics tools to contextualize and solve digital business challenges?
  • CIOs have the communication and analytics tools to contextualize business and corporate activities in social terms for ecosystem partners, customers and employees. That is mitigating regulatory risk and challenges in the supply chain while increasing the employee value proposition.

Today’s enterprises are more hybrid than ever, which continually represents new challenges for cyber security leaders. This session will explore best practices for keeping your attack surface as small as possible to protect against all vulnerabilities.

  • Managing your risks effectively through rigorous and continuous auditing and best practice cyber hygiene checks
  • Attracting and retaining high quality talent to help create and manage increasingly complex IT environments
  • Keeping up to date with changing regulations and working cross-functionally to ensure compliance
  • Justifying security investment by making ROI speak for itself, offer a reduction in risk that exceeds cost of adoption
  • Learning to speak the language of non-IT stakeholders to achieve organisational buy-in
  • Partnering with key players across the enterprise and understanding their key objectives and performance indicators
  • Key steps to making security an essential component of your operating model
  • Data quality management becomes more challenging as the volumes and types of data largely increase, where do we start to address the issues within our data sources and improve the workflow automation to enhance overall efficiency
  • Bad and poor quality data can have a significant negative impact on organisations. As data processing becomes increasingly linked to business operations and data analytics is more frequently used to drive business decisions it becomes imperative that the data held in the IT systems is accurate and of high quality
  • Measuring the levels of quality data is key to quickly identify inaccuracies that need to be resolved, this will enable you to assess whether your data is fit for purpose. How can we do this effectively?
  • Investigating how technology can help improve your employee experience and create a more accessible workplace
  • Focusing your digital transformation projects around digital access and inclusion 
  • Making change sustainable by ensuring your implementations are inclusive and accessible to all
  • Understanding the nuances of diversity and neurodiversity to deliver meaningful change for everyone

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