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CIO Institute: London (May 2023)

May 25

CIO Institute: London

Thursday 25th May 2023

08:15 - 17:30 BST

116 Pall Mall, London

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CIO Institute Events (Offered on site and digitally) - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.


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- What does successful leadership look like in a hybrid world?
- Attracting and retaining the right talent to enable your organisation to thrive
- Keeping up with the ongoing battle to attract and retain tech talent
- The importance of a diverse and inclusive company culture to compete with the ongoing battle to attract and retain tech talent
- Leaders required to develop new skills, acquire extra knowledge and switch focus to ensure 'steering the ship' effectively.
- What it means to be a technology leader in the ever changing digital world

- With the increasing risk of successful cyber attacks and data breaches - How can you protect your organisation when using generative AI models?
- Understand how data is being processed and protected when using generative AI models in cybersecurity

- How can organisational adaptability assist in the success of data-driven transformation?
- Upskilling your current workforce to ensure resilience when becoming a data driven organisation?

- Discuss the challenges of identifying the right technology to suit your specific business needs that will support in maximising your growth
- Explore ways to leverage your enterprise technology to increase performance and the value added to your organisation

Join this Keynote Session with Keith Dargie, Chief Information Digital Officer, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service -

COPFS is transforming public facing services by strategically implementing innovative digital and cloud-based services, including:

- A national digital evidence solution which is modernising and transforming how digital evidence is collected, viewed and shared across Scotland’s justice system;
- A national Witness Gateway to provide witnesses with online access to information related to their case, managing witness availability and scheduling, and providing enhanced guidance and support;
- A Defence Agent Portal to transform online access for solicitors to digital services and information about cases to allow them to engage with prosecutors to prepare and resolve cases;
- Strategically aligned data driven digital transformation and use of AI, Process Automation and Cognitive Services technologies to improve, automate and make day-to-day business and complex case management tasks and customer processes easier and more efficient, enhancing decision support and freeing up time for staff to focus on added activities."

- The benefits of implementing a strong CX strategy for your organisation and how this can drive growth.
- What are the key elements that should be considered when implementing a CX strategy that will make a positive impact?
- How to empower your workforce and equip them with the technology needed to provide excellent service is key to successful CX

- What approach do you need to take to start to balance the conflicting priorities of information access over information security?
- With over 32% of organisations reporting a vast increase in successful cyber attacks since 2020, what can you do to stay ahead of the curve?
- Understand how moving to the cloud can be beneficial as a first step to improving security efforts

- Empower your organisation by making the right high quality data accessible throughout your workforce, leveraging the key tools and data to assist in daily operations, embracing a data-driven culture and drive a high impact growth.
- Where to start with addressing the issues within your data sources and improving your workflow automation to enhance overall efficiency
- Establish adaptable capabilities for your information and data management to drive value and support the changing needs of your business

- Finding the best people with the right skills is key, what approach can we take to successfully obtain the talent needed to close these gaps?
- The steps to creating a resilient workforce that will endure the constantly changing business environment?
- What can you do to become more attractive to potential talent? Equally, what do you need to do differently to retain your current workforce?

- How to define a digital first strategy that focusses on security but enables technological transformation
- Why necessary business changes such as the implementation of hybrid working models are driving the need for a focus on security concious culture and steps to achieving this
- The importance of leveraging your security framework and how this can help you to manage risks and reduce your exposure to security threat

- Exploring the gap between understanding data management and successfully managing your data
- As the demand for organisations to be data-driven rapidly increases in today's business environment, one of the biggest challenges faced is data security and access. Understanding the association between the two is essential to be able address the disconnect between data security and access

- The importance of taking steps to close the divide between IT and business, the business value that can be added and how this will aid business growth
- What are the advantages of IT and business working as one and the influence IT can have on the business strategy

- Build cyber resilience by improving your organisation proactivity and be able to anticipate and manage security threats
- How can you mitigate cyber risk as the demand for digital transformation increases
- Developing your cyber resilience strategy to limit the disruption of cyber attacks on your organisation

- How to leverage evolving AI technology to propel your organisations digital transformation journey
- How you can drive value to your business by utilising AI as a key factor in your transformation strategy
- Addressing the key benefits of AI such as enhancing efficiency and operational performance

- How can you build and maintain human connection in a hybrid working environment?
- The challenges of creating an engaging and collaborative culture in a hybrid workforce

- An inclusive workforce culture starts with the business leader - What steps can be taken towards an inclusive culture? And what are the benefits of this within your organisation?
- How can embedding DEI into your workforce impact your company culture and increase productivity?

- As organisations increasingly look to AI to improve business processes efficiency and productivity, we must ensure that AI is used responsibly. What is considered to be an ethical approach to AI?
- Discuss the principles to be evaluated by your organisation to ensure the use and development of AI remains ethical
- Explore the challenges of ethical governance when dealing with data and machine-driven services

- Consider how ransomware attacks have evolved and why this makes strengthening your defences a priority
- Discuss the importance of having a clear and efficient strategy in place for incident response and how this can put you in the best possible position for mitigating the impact of an attack

- Why it's important during your digital transformation to work from the outside in, by prioritising and considering a customers perspective first and then aligning organisational processes to simplify touch point throughout the customer journey
- How do you empower your workforce to be innovative in a digital culture
- How to effectively increase efficiency and performance throughout your team by promoting collaboration and transparency

- What are the benefits of automated machine learning?
- How can the implementation of auto ML improve effiency in your projects to increase success?
- How auto ML can support increase accuracy of business processes?

- What is zero trust security and what are the benefits of implementing the security framework in your organisation?
- How zero trust can propel your digital transformation
- How to adapt zero trust to meet your individual business needs and still ensure ROI on your security strategy

Join this closing Keynote session;

*Full details will be available soon*

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