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CIO Institute: London

November 4, 2021

CIO Institute: London

The CIO Institute: Uniting IT leaders to Drive, Support & Innovate

Thursday 4th November 2021

08:30 - 17:30 GMT

Featured Attendees

Lloyds Banking Group
British Heart Foundation

The CIO Institute: Uniting IT leaders to Drive, Support & Innovate

CIO Institute Events (Offered on site and digitally) - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.


CIOs and technology executives are playing a leading role in driving technology-led innovation. In 2021, we have seen technology transform how business is done, with the CIO Role becoming more digital and innovation focused.


We’ll be delving into how CIO’s are driving a culture of innovation across their entire organisation. Hear the challenges, priorities, and lessons learned of technology executives who are industrialising technology-led innovation: from automation to delivering data-driven tech solutions.

Featured Partners

Institute Innovations ; Tech Start Up - About the Session:

At the CIO institute we understand the speed of technology is evolving rapidly. New and innovative tech start ups have solutions to the challenges of our CIO community - but how does a CIO know they exist: Our Innovation session is born.
We have hand selected 4 tech start ups to present to our event attendees in our new Innovation session.

Hosted by Graeme Howard, CTIO Covea Insurance, this session will allow you to hear from 4 innovative companies, ask questions and vote on the company you believe will add most value to your role and your organisation

Innovation Session Host:
Graeme Howard, CTIO - Covea Insurance


08:30 - 09:20

Join the Opening Panel moderated by John Gibbs, Group CIO at IAG, where RingCentral & Panellists will discuss how the CIO can drive a culture of innovation across the entire organisation.

  • John Gibbs, Group CIO, International Airlines Group
  • Gareth Johns, Senior Director, Vertical Solutions at RingCentral
  • Simone Steel, Chief Data Officer at Nationwide Building Society
  • Rick Farrow, CIO at Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
  • Belinda Finch, CIO - Three

09:35 - 10:15

Join this Keynote session where Belinda Finch, CIO at Three will be discussing 'Transformation Isn't IT Focused - Change your ways of working'.

Belinda Finch, CIO - Three

Join this Keynote session in association with Bain & Company.

Changes in enterprise technology lie at the root of major shifts in the economy and in the ways that companies do business. The shift to cloud and SaaS models has changed the ways that companies stand up new ventures, reducing the costs of implementing new features or entire businesses. The ability to harvest and analyse large sets of data has improved companies’ abilities to understand customers and identify opportunities to improve products and services. What’s more, customers now prefer to do business on tech-enabled platforms, which consistently outrank physical ones. When executives understand the potential in enterprise technologies, and the direction those technologies are moving, they can engineer their businesses to take full advantage.

To help executives get a handle on these opportunities, Bain has developed an analytical framework to identify the key trends in business technology and determine how those are likely to develop over the coming decade.

10:20 - 11:00

Join this Keynote session with Simone Steel, Chief Data Officer at Nationwide Building Society.

The role of data in supporting business strategy is unquestionable, but internal organisation tensions still exist between business and technology regarding data management and stewardship. Over the last few decades, large, traditional financial service organisations have embraced the reality that they are software dependent. Some even managed to catch up in their digital channels to customers. Most still have stacks of legacy systems and practices that, at best, struggle to imitate the sort of agility needed to cope with fast change safely and sustainably. It took twenty years for the idea that “every business is a software business” to take hold, At the ever-accelerating pace of technological innovation, some business will not have another twenty years to adapt to the shift from the compute-intensive to the data-intensive era. The role of Chief Data (and Analytics) Officer, CDO, must quickly evolve and become more impactful and effective in helping businesses stay relevant.


Simone Steel, Chief Data Officer - Nationwide Building Society.

Join this Keynote session in association with WSO2.

Long-term success is achieved through systematically increasing the capacity to adapt and innovate to changing technologies. A business must cultivate the creativity to marry new technology possibilities with unique business value. It needs to develop the ability to capitalize on opportunities through the quick and flexible execution of IT projects. And it must deploy an IT architecture and platform that supports rapid development and delivery of scalable, secure, intelligent digital products. The ongoing discipline to improve these three capabilities—digital creativity, continuous execution, and evolving the infrastructure for digital business—is encapsulated in the term “digital transformation.”

Eric Newcomer, CTO - WSo2.

11:05 - 11:45

Join this Boardroom in association with Verne Global.

Whether it’s to protect against cyber attacks, predict future consumer trends, optimise supply chains, redefine product design, or forecast business risks, enterprise use of AI is on the brink of becoming mainstream, and will dominate the way organisations make decisions - and generate revenue - for many years to come. But is your organisation’s data centre infrastructure fit to cope with the extra demands that running AI applications brings; both now and in the longer term?

In this Boardroom session, Verne Global will discuss: - How advancements in AI and high intensity compute are placing new demands on traditional, multi-purpose data centre infrastructures - The importance of weighing up the benefits of AI against the environmental and financial cost of running these models - How data centres that are optimised for AI applications and other high intensity workloads should form part of an enterprise’s overall data centre strategy.

Dominic Ward, CEO - Verne Global 

Join this Boardroom is association with RingCentral. 

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join this Boardroom to uncover the myths and the truths around an agile framework. Within this session we will be discussing the scenarios and the delivery of agile frameworks within different enterprise organisations as well as discussing the delivery of the perfect agile framework.

Alex Richards, Global Head IT - Frasers Group

Join this Boardroom in association with Connect.

Most large organisations – and many smaller but fast-growing ones – have automated some aspects of their back office and customer experience. But in all too many cases, the returns have been a little disappointing. Self-service remains the exception, rather than the norm. The root of the problem is that, too often, only part of the process is automated. Great, if that’s the task you want to complete; slightly frustrating if you only get halfway. It’s in this context that businesses are increasingly investigating Customer Service Management (CSM) – a set of workflows that bring front, middle and back office together to offer a true end-to-end self-service experience.

To find out more about CSM, and how it can help you transform your self-service channels, join Connect in this discussion. We’ll show you how using ServiceNow’s CSM solution delivers on average a 12 point increase in NPS, and how that translates into revenue growth. We’ll examine: what barriers CIOs and CTOs face to increasing automation how to automate entire digital workflows to deliver a better customer experience how to make sure personalised mobile apps and self-service portals have a greater impact why automation can reduce case volumes as well as handling costs We look forward to welcoming you to the ‘CIO-Institute Innovation’ and showing you how automation can transform your CX.

11:50 - 12:30

Join this Keynote in association with Iomart.

It’s not breaking news: Businesses are adopting hybrid working following the pandemic. However, with employees having the permanent option to work remotely, your network security needs to be ‘remote’ too. It needs to evolve from assuming everyone within the network perimeter is trustworthy. Now it needs to offer protection anytime, anywhere. Protection, just like the threat it’s combating, is borderless. A SASE model creates protection at point of access - whether joining your network in the office, at home, on the train, plane, cruise ship or pedalo (we’re not here to judge)... Transforming your office network, with on-prem infrastructure combined with some public and possibly also private cloud, a multitude of vendor licences, and a smorgasbord of access points… Doesn’t exactly say “picnic”, does it?

So how do you transition and plan for effective cloud security across your network? How exactly do you SASE into the Future?

Andy Sinclair - Head of Product - Iomart 

Join this Boardroom discussion with Graham Ingram, CISO at Oxford University where we'll be discussing; 

  • Key threat trends
  • Internal & External
  • Regulations and regulators – a double edged sword.
  • Keeping pace with the threats, the technology delivery and the business demands.
  • Key preparations for when the security incident happens.

12:35 - 13:15

Join this Keynote with Ollie Holden, CIO at AA.

Ollie Holden, CIO - AA 

Join this Boardroom in association with Braze & AWS.

Even the most popular content needs a comprehensive engagement strategy to maintain long-term success in an increasingly crowded media space. Developing that strategy requires a mix of personalization, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and well-timed messaging. Join this interactive session to learn how leading brands leverage tech such as Braze & AWS to master content discovery and create world-class digital engagement strategies.

Join this Boardroom in association with Datalytyx. 

In Moneyball by Michael Lewis, a baseball team uses data to recruit undervalued players. But they find that human insight is still needed to mould them into a successful team. Making decisions without data is dangerous, but making decisions based only on data can be just as wrong. For data-driven decision making to work, you need to trust that your data reflects reality, analyse it, and then use human insight to dig deeper and find the value. Organisations often struggle to achieve this due to siloed data sources, poor data quality, and complex data transformation processes. But it is now remarkably easy to implement technologies to overcome these issues quickly and without spending millions. Join us for a discussion about the balance of data versus intuition and where we see the Moneyball Effect in play today.

13:15 - 13:50

13:50 - 14:50

Hosted by Graeme Howard, CTIO Covea Insurance, this session will allow you to hear from 4 innovative companies, ask questions and vote on the company you believe will add most value to your role and your organisation.

  • Amalytics Software
  • TecFlair 
  • Utterworks
  • Harness 

14:55 - 15:35

Join this Boardroom in association with OwnBackup.

Data is the currency of a digital business. 85% of CxOs IDC surveyed in 2020 said becoming an intelligent organisation by 2024 is a top priority in their future enterprise strategies. But protecting valuable data from data loss and corruption is easier said than done when a company's data footprint is spread across multiple environments, especially SaaS environments. In this boardroom session hear from data protection experts on the current state of SaaS data protection, and the fundamental requirements for safeguarding your SaaS data. We’ll discuss real world examples on the benefits to their organizations of taking a proactive approach and provide practical steps you can take now.

Join this Boardroom in association with OpenSystems.

Security teams are facing increasing challenges in protecting against the broadening threatscape, where major technology trends, from cloud adoption to shadow IT and remote working, have created new risks and vulnerabilities across every industry. While most would jump at the chance to hire and retain security staff to provide round the clock protection, the IT security industry needs about three million more cybersecurity workers to handle growing threats. This, combined with the proliferation of point security products, which can lead to integration challenges and siloed views, is significantly impacting security posture, leaving organisations lagging behind in their detection and response capabilities. Join Open Systems and a select group of IT security peers to discuss your own hiring and retention challenges, how you’re evolving your response to the changing attack surface and how to navigate the increase in point security products while unlocking the full potential of your existing Microsoft investments.

Join this Boardroom discussion with Barbara Gottardi, CIO  at Vanguard Europe.

Barbara Gottardi, CIO - Vanguard Europe

Join this Boardroom discussion with Samantha Liscio, CIO at NIHR.

The global pandemic response saw accelerated innovation, agile delivery of digital products and increased virtual engagement with customers, stakeholder and employees. As we approach a future of hybrid work and return to the 'new normal', the CIO is in a unique position to help companies sustain momentum, but this window may be closing? What should CIOs be doing now and what should CIOs be planning for in the next 12-18 months to show value to the business?

Samantha Liscio, CIO - NIHR.

15:40- 16:20

Join this Keynote session in association with Commvault.

CIOs and technology executives are playing a leading role in driving technology-led innovation. In 2021, we have seen technology transform how business is done, with the CIO Role becoming more digital and innovation focused. We’ll be delving into how CIO’s are driving a culture of innovation across their entire organisation. Hear the challenges, priorities, and lessons learned of technology executives who are industrialising technology-led innovation: from automation to delivering data-driven tech solutions.

Jason Gerrard, Director Sales Engineering, Channel EMEA - Commvault

Join this Boardroom session with Wendy Redshaw, CDIO Retail Banking at NatWest Group

Join Wendy Redshaw, Chief Digital Information Officer at NatWest Group, as we explore the consumer expectation of continuous innovation against the backdrop of the accelerated innovations in the 3rd and 4th industrial revolutions and whether these incremental innovative elements are diluting innovative big-bang impact.


Wendy Redshaw, CDIO Retail Banking - NatWest Group

16:25 - 17:05

Join our final Keynote of the day with Adam Forde, Group CIO at Spectris plc as he discusses how 'Inclusive Teams are the Engines of Innovation'.


  • Adam Forde - Group CIO - Spectris plc




Join our Networking Drinks Reception in association with China Mobile.

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