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CIO Institute: London – Infosec (Oct 2023)

October 19

CIO Institute: Information, Security & Risk

Thursday 19th October 2023

08:00 - 17:30 GMT


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Event Summary

CIO Institute Events - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions.

The agenda covers some of the key challenges facing CIOs today, addressing critical cyber & organisational resiliency against cyberattack, the threat of an ever-growing attack surface against your network and  onboarding and how to combat AI-driven threats as well as influencing the C-Suite and looking ahead at security trends in 2023 and beyond.

2022 Speakers

Introducing our Chair

2022 Partners

2022 Agenda

Join our Opening Panel Session moderated by Ian Ellis, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Enterprise Tech London - 

Discussion points -

- Changes to organisational culture and how that has affected the view on productivity and resilience

- The challenges faced from hybrid working and building an effective model - And what processes are being put in place to support this

- How the CIO is leading a culture of inclusiveness in the workplace

- Thoughts on the future of the workplace and how this will look

- Empowering your teams to be both productive and resilient - Achieving a good balance when leading global teams

Panellists -

  • Alessandro Bovone, CTO North & West Europe, Nokia
  • Meghana Garg, BRM, Technology Engagement, British Heart Foundation
  • Serena Anand,  Head of End User Services Executive, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Sanjay Patel, Group CIO, Tate & Lyle
  • Gareth Johns, Senior Director, Vertical Solutions, RingCentral

Join this Keynote session with Kari-Anne Clayton, Head of Strategy & Transformation - Retail Banking CDIO, Natwest;

In a rapidly changing digital world, how we digitally transform, from culture to mindsets to behaviours, and how we leverage evolving technologies like AI while considering shifts across Regulatory and Customer expectation is vital. Join Kari-Anne Clayton, Head of Strategy, Risk and Transformation for NatWest’s Retail Technology, as she takes us on a journey considering elements like transformational fluidity, model Risk in AI and how this sits against the back drop of Consumer Duty.

Join this Keynote session in association with Gtmhub;

It's abundantly clear that the now of work means hybrid work is here to stay. This hybrid setting introduces tensions in how we operate. Executives, middle managers, and individual contributors cite frustration with their own virtual effectiveness.

We need to learn how to master the nuances of people management, strong strategic guidance is a must, and our processes and procedures made crisis-proof. In this talk, you’ll learn what organizations can do to bring clarity and cohesion to the organization, so everyone can be more effective in navigating our new normal.

Jenny Herald, VP of Product Evangelism, GTMHUB

Join this Keynote session in association with Cloudreach;

We believe that the cloud-native enterprise is one that has transformed its organisation to be cloud-first and cloud-enabled, has implemented new ways of working, modernised its architecture and technology and is driving broader business outcomes. Join us for a walk-through of how businesses are leaving behind IT-led adoption and moving towards large-scale, all-encompassing transformation initiatives, driving long-lasting, diverse and sustainable digital-first businesses.

Darren Bowling, Senior Cloud Advisor, Cloudreach

Join this Interactive Boardroom session in association with Connect -

More and more businesses are opting for a digital-first strategy when it comes to customer contact. But what role does that mean for voice communications? And how does that change the considerations for a contact centre platform?

During this boardroom discussion, Connect will share how automation enables Paddy Power Betfair bring voice into customer conversations at the right time. We will also help you understand the technology options available for a business where call volumes fluctuate enormously around peak events.

Dave Lee, Director of Solutions, Connect

Edward Walker, Business Development, Connect

Join this Interactive Boardroom session with Gerard McGovern, CIO, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

*Full details will be released soon*

Join this Interactive Boardroom session in association with QA Ltd

For some time businesses have struggled to find the ready-skilled talent they need to close their digital and technology skills gaps. Even when they do, others are standing by, ready to poach. With such a finite talent pool, it has never been more important for businesses to properly understand exactly where their skills gaps are, how they can diversify talent strategies to ensure sustainable digital capability and how leveraging the untapped potential of existing employees can improve productivity and growth.

Katie Nykanen, CTO, QA Ltd

Join this Keynote session in association with Okta;

As digital services play an increasingly amplified role in our lives, both who and how we trust is changing. Where once in-person interaction and brand reputation were the drivers of trust, now customer experience is key. Consumers alike are increasingly willing to share aspects of their digital identity in exchange for greater convenience and personalised services. However, with this shift to digital comes the challenge of redefining what relationships and interactions between customers and organisations look like in a predominantly virtual world. Ultimately, those organisations best able to deliver trustworthy digital experiences stand to win the trust and loyalty of their customers. To do so, they'll need to build the right technology foundation. Join this boardroom to discover:

  • The growing importance of great digital experiences
  • Why you should establish a strong foundation in digital identity first
  • How you can build digital trust using CIAM

Ian Lowe, Head of Industry Solutions, EMEA, Okta

Join this Interactive Boardroom session in association with Cisco Secure -

As people and organisations find new and exciting ways to transform digitally, we also see attackers finding new and creative ways to gain fraudulent access, including bypassing authentication methods. While security teams work to stay vigilant and put defences in place, how can we balance this with productivity and low friction access?

Michael Fignon, UKI and MEA Zero Trust Leader - Cisco Secure

Join this Keynote Session in association with Ping Identity -

Businesses have embraced digital to engage with their customers. As quickly as brands have delivered digital experiences, bad actors have been just as fast in figuring out how to use credential stuffing, account takeover, and other types of attacks to their advantage.

Keeping pace in this rapidly evolving threat landscape requires businesses to look for innovative ways to build experiences that optimize both security and convenience. But, ensuring one doesn’t overshadow the other often requires multiple integrations and custom development that adds internal friction and slows down innovation.

A customer identity strategy that expands beyond access management, but includes fraud detection and identity verification capabilities that can seamlessly be orchestrated together can eliminate integration challenges and drive innovation. Join this session to learn Ping Identity’s drag-and-drop approach to customer identity that streamlines bringing together all the tools a business needs to rapidly build, test and optimize end-to-end customer journeys.

Máté Barany, Enterprise Account Executive, Ping Identity

Join this Interactive Boardroom session in association with ScienceLogic -

The world of IT is rapidly changing – Digital Services, Outsource Partners, Converged Infrastructure, Containers and much more.  Users and customers are demanding more of IT than ever, and budgets are being squeezed to deliver more for less. Running IT Operations is harder than it’s ever been. 

Join us as we explore how AIOPs can make significant inroads into this problem. We’ll explore how global organisations have gained real Clarity on what the issues are in operations, how they’ve attacked changing the culture, process and technology to significantly improve service to their clients, reduce the number of tools in operation and take 40%+ cost out of support, through some real-world use cases that provide a roadmap for success that your organization could follow too.

Key discussion points:

  • Which growth areas will you be focusing on for your business in the next 12-18 months?
  • What works really well in your IT operations management?
  • If you had a magic wand, what business changes would you make today? 

Clive Spanswick, Senior Vice President EMEA, ScienceLogic

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Praveen Singh, Head of IT Risk and Cyber Security - ICBC Standard bank PLC -

William H. Webster, Former Director FBI once said “Security is always too much until the day it is not enough”. In a world where zero day vulnerabilities are being revealed every day; eCrime actors are gaining the sophistication of nation states; high profile security breaches are daily headlines; and cyber security teams are facing burnout, we will discuss if true Cyber Resiliency is a realistic goal for an organisation.

Praveen Singh, Head of IT Risk and Cyber Security - ICBC Standard bank PLC

Join this Interactive Boardroom session in association with AT&T -

Business leaders have a lot to think about right now. Conflict. Sanctions. Energy prices. Financial uncertainty. Climate change. In parallel, technology continues to converge at a rapid pace, expectations from customers and the business continue to rise, whilst investment and profitability are under the spotlight.  IT organisations have their work cut out juggling these different dynamics and focusing on delivering their digital transformation objectives.

During this session we’ll discuss:

1.  How to increase efficiency and optimise cost through network process automation – by simplifying interactions through enabling API orientated integration, increased data accuracy and improved service quality.

2.  The role the network plays in connecting your people and things to your applications – at the same time ensuring agility, security, visibility, cost, and performance objectives are met.

3.  Support CSR and contribute to your sustainability agenda.

We’ll use some real customer case studies to share some practical tips that your organisation can apply.

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Ring Central;

The latest Gartner CIO study tells us that cloud platforms, cyber and information security and business intelligence/data analytics are the top areas earmarked for increased investment in 2023. Findings from the study also highlight CIOs’ top two objectives; improving operational excellence and improving the customer or citizen experience. 


Overall, it seems that the coming year’s focus will be on how to further optimise systems and processes and improve productivity. But how can all of this be achieved with the ongoing challenges of hybrid work at play? During this session, we’ll discuss:

  1. The top communications challenges CIOs are up against today and helpful practices to overcome these challenges
  2. How organisations are using data and analytics to improve productivity and optimise processes

Gareth Johns, Senior Director, Vertical Solutions, RingCentral

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Jeannette Copeland, Technology Director, Ann Summers -

Join this interactive boardroom session hosted by Jeannette Copeland, Technology Director, Ann Summers for an engaging conversation on Successful Transformational Leadership.

Discussion points -

  • Team turnaround
  • DEI
  • Strategic structure
  • Right size governance/processes

Join this Keynote session with Daphne Davis, Director, Digital - Turner & Townsend;

In this session, I will discuss how we can create the conditions to build an enduring capability that delivers the benefits and results of a successful Digital Transformation.

We will consider five fundamentals:

  • Digital Maturity - where is your organisation now?
  • Defining Objectives – Why transform? Where do you want to be? Defining Success?
  • Stakeholder readiness - gaining transformation buy-in across your organisation
  • Planning/Implementing Digital Transformation – are we treating this like a programme?
  • Banking the results – making sure we are faster, better, greener etc as a result?

Join this Interactive Boardroom session in association with Planisware -

*Full details will be released soon*

Join this Interactive Boardroom session in association with Acquia -

The majority of companies these days use both open source software and cloud services. As a CIO, you’re probably focused on weighing the pros and cons of both, trying to decide when you’d choose Open Source, and when you’d choose proprietary cloud services. In this boardroom session, we’ll discuss: 

  1. The role of digital acceleration/ transformation in your business. What does this mean to you?

  2. Your current preference or comfortability in relation Open Source vs Saas. How do you decide between the two? 

  3. How you plan to manage the hardware that your chosen software runs on, be that Saas, PaaS, IaaS, or self managed data centres. How does this impact global operations? 

Simon Elliot, Director, Technical Account Management, Acquia

Join this Interactive Boardroom session with Ian Ellis, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Enterprise Tech London -

Too often innovation efforts are pushed from top down or undertaken by specialist groups hidden away from the broader organisation, creating shortcomings in delivery approach and sub-optimal outcomes.

It can be a challenge to find the right recipe for each organisation to build a culture that promotes innovative thinking and a focus on transformation – the goal of this Boardroom is to have an interactive discussion about what real-world approaches work to create an innovative work environment for everybody in your organisation.

There are no silver bullets, and every organisation is different, but hopefully we can share some experiences and practical pointers here to put you on the right road…

Ian Ellis, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Enterprise Tech London

Join this Interactive Boardroom session with Graeme Howard, CTIO, Covea Insurance -

*Full details will be released soon*

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Container Solutions;

70% of digital transformations fail - almost because they’re designed to. When transformations don’t consider ‘culture’, they lose the ability to evolve as needed; and so experienced leaders realise how ‘culture’ is an essential dimension to IT transformation. 

There are implicit financial structures in every organisation. If you want to change an organisation, you need to look at how money works within it. These topologies are invisible and exert a powerful hidden influence which often hinders change. Understanding their influence is crucial to sustainable business transformation.

Join us for this boardroom discussion where we will be unpacking a deeper structural cause of problems in change management - how money flows through the organisation.

Key Takeaways

  • A unique understanding of money flows, cultural gaps and how your finance team could change everything - some immediate to-do’s!

  • Transformational awareness of behaviour, goals and the way financial decisions are made

  • Connections with peers who share similar constraints

Jamie Dobson, CEO and Co-Founder, Container Solutions

Join this closing Keynote session with Sophie Neary, Group Director, Meta UK&I, Meta -

What is the Metaverse? What marketing opportunities does the metaverse offer today, and tomorrow? This session helps businesses explore the new frontiers of the next iteration of the internet and practical solutions for telling more immersive stories, create more meaningful connections with people, and drive outcomes all while preparing for the shifts from offline to online and beyond.

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