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CIO Institute: Munich (Sept 2023)

September 27, 2022

CIO Institute: Munich

Wednesday 27th September 2023

08:30 - 17:00 CET


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CIO Institute Events - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.

2022 Speakers

Introducing our Event Chair

Past Partners

Last Year's Agenda

Join our Opening Panel session moderated by Cristina Nita, Senior Director IT Management at adidas GmBH

Panellists -

  • Bea Schnarr, Director Digital Projects at BayWa r.e. AG
  • Wolfgang Bitomsky, CIO, FCC Environmental Services CEE
  • Carsten Priebs, CIO/CDO, Randstad

Join this keynote session in association with GTMHUB -

It's abundantly clear that the now of work means hybrid work is here to stay. This hybrid setting introduces tensions in how we operate. Executives, middle managers, and individual contributors cite frustration with their own virtual effectiveness.

We need to learn how to master the nuances of people management, strong strategic guidance is a must, and our processes and procedures made crisis-proof. In this talk, you’ll learn what organizations can do to bring clarity and cohesion to the organization, so everyone can be more effective in navigating our new normal.

Jenny Herald, VP of Product Evangelism at GTMHUB

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with GTT -

Join GTT’s Director Solutions Consulting to discuss why Zero Trust is a topic of interest and how it is an essential ingredient in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework. By assuming the worst, Zero Trust architecture minimizes the risk of compromise and limits the potential harm a compromise might cause.

Gregor Chroner, Director, Solutions Consulting – Central, GTT

Join this Keynote session with Michelangelo Canzoneri, Global Head of Digital and Data, Healthcare at Merck Group -

** Full details soon **

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with OpenSystems -

Security teams are facing increasing challenges in protecting against the broadening threatscape, where major technology trends, from cloud adoption to shadow IT and remote working, have created new risks and vulnerabilities across every industry.

While most would jump at the chance to hire and retain security staff to provide round the clock protection, the IT security industry needs about three million more cybersecurity workers to handle growing threats.

This, combined with the proliferation of point security products, which can lead to integration challenges and siloed views, is significantly impacting security posture, leaving organizations lagging behind in their detection and response capabilities.

Join Denis Rak from Open Systems and a select group of IT security peers to discuss your own hiring and retention challenges, how you’re evolving your response to the changing attack surface and how to navigate the increase in point security products while unlocking the full potential of your existing Microsoft investments.

Denis Rak, Sales Engineering, Open Systems

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with WithSecure -

Salesforce's cloud-based platform has become the heart of the communication and data storage strategy in many companies.

As a result, a lot of valuable data is stored in Salesforce and therefore has become the new attack vector for cyber criminals. Salesforce itself does everything to optimally secure its own infrastructure, however it is down to organizations to protect the content that resides within the platform.

We will discuss how to define your Salesforce security strategy and approach, taking a deeper dive into:

  • The end-user’s role in the “shared responsibility model”.
  • How are threat actors targeting Salesforce cloud platforms?
  • Which risks and threats should you prioritize?
  • How do you know if security measures you currently have in place are sufficient if your Salesforce is compromised?

Alex Brandon, Sales Director, With Secure

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Cristina Nita, Senior Director IT Management, adidas GmBH -

Join us for an engaging conversation on how you plan your workforce, where we will be exploring various factors in planning your workforce effectively.

A Boardroom session is association with ScienceLogic -

The world of IT is rapidly changing – Digital Services, Outsource Partners, Converged Infrastructure, Containers and much more.  Users and customers are demanding more of IT than ever, and budgets are being squeezed to deliver more for less. Running IT Operations is harder than it’s ever been. 

Join us as we explore how AIOPs can make significant inroads into this problem. We’ll explore how global organisations have gained real Clarity on what the issues are in operations, how they’ve attacked changing the culture, process and technology to significantly improve service to their clients, reduce the number of tools in operation and take 40%+ cost out of support, through some real-world use cases that provide a roadmap for success that your organization could follow too.

Key discussion points:

  • Which growth areas will you be focusing on for your business in the next 12-18 months?
  • What works really well in your IT operations management?
  • If you had a magic wand, what business changes would you make today? 

Clive Spanswick, Senior Vice President EMEA, ScienceLogic

Join this Boardroom session with Wolfgang Bitomsky, CIO at FCC Environmental Services CEE -

** Full details soon **

A Boardroom session is association with Beyond Identity -

The security of our digital IDs has never been more important: from cloud services that have kept businesses functioning through the rapid shift to remote working, to providing access to essential consumer services. Yet businesses still put their users and customers through undue suffering - and leave themselves exposed to security compromises when it comes to accessing their systems and authentication.

Username and password authentication is still one of the most widely used methods, yet they fail on both security and user experience. Remembering passwords is painful and solutions such as MFA and password vaults not only create extra friction for the user but are not as secure as they seem. Password compromises are the number one cause of hacking related breaches.

When it comes to securing our digital IDs it is time for a rethink.  

Areas for discussion will include:

  • How did we get here?

-  Passwords and pitfalls

- Why it’s time to ‘right the wrongs’ and rethink authentication   

  • Where are we now:

- How cybersecurity and identity management requirements need to evolve post COVID

- Modern authentication in the hybrid working and cloud era

  • The future of authentication and Digital IDs

- Is a passwordless world possible?  

- How do businesses deliver a secure online experience for users and customers that doesn’t compromise the user experience?

- What wider opportunities does this open up for businesses and consumers?

- Why secure digital IDs are fundamental to wider economic growth

Tuncay Eren - Head of Central Europe
Chris Meidinger - Technical Director EMEA

Join this Keynote session with Veacesalv Driglov, CDO at IFCO.

Data is an invaluable resource, but ultimately, it depends on what you do with it. Therefore, transition from gut feeling experience to data driven decisions is a must. Strong commitment to utilizing the data and insights that we gather to drive customer value enables companies to become market leaders.

However, this process should be thoroughly thought through and executed. Companies should consider the sequence of the “3 C’s rule”: connect, collect, and create!

It is crucial to keep in mind that technology is not a disruptor by itself, being non-customer centric damages many good businesses. Customers would like to enjoy intuitive and seamless experiences limiting their interaction with cumbersome complicated systems.

Our customer-centric supply chain traceability and transparency agenda is to create interfaces that would manage customer inventories, minimize losses, increase asset productivity, and enable exchange in an informed and sophisticated way.

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with OwnBackup -

With security threats on the rise, protection is no longer about just defending against occasional disasters. Go on the offensive with a proactive strategy to safeguarding your SaaS data.

Rob Darbyshire, Regional vice President, NEMEA at OwnBackup

Join this Boardroom session in association with Cloudreach -

Together with many world governments, decarbonisation is currently (and must remain) a top priority for many Fortune companies and Brands.  As the bleak future of our planet looms over us all, this session will share tips on how to kickstart the process through the IT function from within your business.

Oliver Scholz, Senior Solutions Architect, Cloudreach

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Citrix - 

Winning companies are moving faster when it comes to digital transformation, and more specifically transitioning from legacy application to SaaS. But with the ecosystem of applications that exists today, and the expectation that it will evolve further in the upcoming years, the path to SaaS-based applications is not easy.

Hear from our experts how other customers are making a successful transformation to web applications, where to start, and why it’s important.

We will cover:

  • Learnings from the field and best practices
  • Security
  • Cost benefits
  • Intelligent Monitoring

With new applications, comes new challenges, so join this boardroom session to learn how to start the transformation to application modernization. This will be an interactive session, so come and share your challenges, learn from your peers, and get an expert view from Citrix.

Sasa Petrovic, Digital Strategy Director, Citrix

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Gerd Koch, CTIO, APCOA Parking Holdings GmbH -

Join this roundtable with Gerd Koch, CTIO at Apcoa Group to not only discuss the ongoing Digital Transformation and its success factors, but also what hasn't gone right and what changes had to be made to get back on track in their journey. APCOA Group is mid in the transformation to a digital business model.


In the last 30 years APCOA was a pure parking operator, now moving into a new business model of digital parking & digital ChargePoint operator. This creates a lot of new challenges along the value chain.

We see digital technology and flexible products as a key enabler for a successful transformation.

We have two aspects to this: 1. The changing job roles. Sales and Operations need to change their approaches completely over the next years as both business functions will primarily run on the new digital platform.

Also, there will be a much higher variability of new products throughout the 13 markets. As new competitors such as startups come to the market in parking and EV-Charging, this will APCOA accelerate to drive the complete digitization off APCOA down the road.

Join this Keynote session with Daniel Sechi, Deputy CIO, Santander Consumer Bank -

The financial services industry has experienced significant disruption and profit erosion over the past few decades. In markets where margins are shrinking and competition is intensifying beyond the traditional banking players, CIOs have been forced to face cost reductions and efficiency challenges.

To meet these challenges, it is imperative to move away from legacy systems and cascading hierarchical working structures. Clear direction, tight execution and cross-functional teams are needed to establish a new IT world of cloud-based stacks, digitised capabilities and agile ways of working.

This IT transformation has to be done in the face of an extremely challenging macroeconomic environment of volatility, pandemic, interest rates and inflation, etc., which jeopardises any plan and certainty of delivery.

After three years of IT transformation at Santander, and still in the middle of the journey, Santander Germany's Director of Technology Strategy, Daniel Sechi, will share leadership lessons learned and insights from the experience of executing the bank's transformation.

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