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CIO Institute: Frankfurt

February 24

CIO Institute: Frankfurt

Thursday 24th February 2022

08:30 - 17:00 CET

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CIO Institute Events (Offered on site and digitally) - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.


Florian Jörgens


Vorwerk Gruppe

Florian Jörgens - Vorwerk Gruppe

Thijs Hulstman

Global IT Director

DHL Supply Chain

Thijs Hulstman - DHL Supply Chain

Aleksandar Rodic

Global CIO


Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 16.32.23

Johannes Wechsler

Chief Digital Officer

Bauhaus Deutschland

Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 10.19.30
Rui Pedro

Rui Pedro Silva

Group CDO

Eriks Digital

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Join our Opening Panel session where our panellists will be discussing 'CIO Innovation ; The Future of Business & Technology'.

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Thijs Hulstman, Global IT Director at DHL Supply Chain, discussing 'Driving a Culture of Innovation & How to Manage it'.

Join our Keynote in association with Starmind.

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join this interactive Boardroom session where our speaker will be discussing 'Cloud Security Blind Spots - Where They Are and How to Protect Them'

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join our Keynote session presented by Aleksandar Rodic the Global CIO at Fiege.

At a time of decreasing margins, diverse markets, complex customer needs and emerging technologies, it is more and more important to unite the power in an organization to eventually drive in one common direction. Since many organisations are characterised by an extensive stakeholder management with various stakeholders from different business sectors the IT needs to enable the business. The vision " IT is business and business is IT " aims at the desired future IT position and provides the basis to transform into a lean IT & Business high-performance organisation.

Join Aleksandar Rodic as he shares his journey around lean IT and driving high performance.

Join our interactive Boardroom session discussing 'Improving Operational Efficiency through DevOps'.

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join our interactive Boardroom session where the speaker will be discussing 'Data Privacy vs. Innovation: Bridging the gap'.

*Full details to be released soon*

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Johannes Weschler the Chief Digital Officer at Bauhaus Deutschland.

The days of “IT doesn’t matter” are clearly over. IT has evolved from a support function to a critical business enabler. IT expenses continue to grow. An increasing number of CIO positions is upgraded to board roles. Overall, great times should lie ahead for CIOs. However, various – in particular digitally born – companies have abolished the classical CIO role and fully integrated business and technology. In case they have still a CIO, she has effectively become the head of IT infrastructure. In this session, we will discuss the different paths that IT organizations can take going forward, as well as the personal implications for CIOs.

Join our Keynote session in association with Imperva. 

*Full details to be released soon*

Join our interactive Boardroom session where the speaker will be discussing 'Robotic Process Automation; Embracing the change'.

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join our interactive Boardroom session where the speaker will be discussing 'Strategies to Accelerate the Hybrid Workplace'. 

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join our interactive Boardroom session led by Florian Jörgens, CISO at Vorwerk Gruppe.

Florian will be discussing 'The human firewall: How to create a culture of cyber security' and will be providing insight into the challenges and hurdles of awareness campaigns, focusing on key points such as; 

  • Why does the human factor still rank so high
  • How does a didactic thread succeed
  • How are high participation rates achieved
  • What is essential content, what does not belong in it? 
  • Which stakeholders have to be picked up in this context 

Join our closing Keynote session with Rui Pedro Silva the Group CDO at Eriks Digital discussing 'Digital Transformation - Adopting New Technologies'.

Rui Pedro will be discussing, how do you ensure you are digitalised in every aspect of your business? Transformation starts simple, hear how to create customer focused goals, organisational collaboration and standing out in a digitalised world.

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