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CIO Institute: University of Chicago (March 2024)

March 28, 2024

Global CIO Institute: University of Chicago

Booth School of Business, Gleacher Centre

Thursday 28th March 2024

08:00 - 18:30 CST

Event Summary

CIO Institute Events - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions.

The agenda covers some of the key challenges facing CIOs today, including addressing the critical skills shortage in IT, onboarding and developing talent, maximizing and monetizing data as well as influencing the C-Suite and looking ahead at tech trends in 2023 and beyond. 

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2023 Speakers

2023 Agenda

This interactive panel will explore issues including how we can help guide execs into ensuring business is fit for the future? How can we ensure tech issues are  priority for the entire C suite. How can we be more collaborative in helping contrasting needs align?

We encourage you to think about challenges you have faced to discuss solutions with like-minded peers in the audience discussion sections.


  • Dan Regalado, CIO, Banfield Animal Hospital
  • Matt Morton, Executive Director and CISO, University of Chicago
  • Talvis Love, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Baxter International

Moderated by Michael Loggins, CEO, MetaStrategy Consulting

Join this keynote session in partnership with Delphix

In order to drive digital transformation, IT executives need to transform the way they lead. Over the last decade, technology giants have scaled to unprecedented revenues and trillions of dollars in market capitalization.

  • What are the underlying forces behind their incredible success?
  • What can IT executives learn and implement in their own organizations?
  • How do you know if you have the right strategy and metrics to judge execution?
  • And how can we balance the need for innovation with sustainability?

Jedidiah Yueh, the best selling author of Disrupt or Die and the Founder and CEO of Delphix, will share insights from the front lines of digital transformation.

Doug Laney, Author of Infonomics - WSJ and CIO Magazine's Must Read Book

Data is one of the most valuable assets a company has, but is rarely treated that way. Unlike physical resources, data has unique features and needs to be valued differently, and organisations thriving in the digital economy know how to take advantage of this. 

In this session, Doug Laney will explore Infonomics, the theory, study, and discipline of asserting economic significance to information. How can we maximize the benefits of recognising data as the corporate asset that it is?

Join this interactive boardroom discussion in partnership with WalkMe

Moderated by Stewart Hill, Field CTO, WalkMe

We have more technology than ever and it's more powerful than ever before - so why are digital transformation projects failing? After years of focusing on digital transformation, a new problem - software paralysis has emerged. 

Spending more to achieve your goals, increased organizational risk, turnover, and even losing your competitive advantage are all results of software paralysis

This discussion will explore how digital adoption is addressing these issues while providing massive cost savings, faster time to value, productivity spikes, reduced risk, and increased engagement.

Join this keynote with Anjana Harve, Global Chief Information Officer, Fresenius Medical Care

An effective leader is vital to successful change and implementing new initiatives. A smooth transition will depend on striking a balance between people and processes, ensuring the team are adaptable to achieve organisational goals.

In this session we will explore challenges raised and how to overcome them

  • Overcoming employees resistance to change
  • Realigning and developing existing skillsets to align with the new organisational need
  • Tracking and measuring successful of change

Moderated by Kiran Palla, Senior Advisor to ACIO, IRS

A closer look at the top technology trends in 2023, a year that is going to set the defining moments in innovation, sustainability, and green revolution.

  • Artificial Intelligence has it all
  • Digital transformation, the journey continues.
  • Fueling the green technologies
  • Metaverse is a new norm.
  • Quantum computing is around the corner.
  • Robots are the new humans.
  • Growth in Autonomous systems
  • Web3 to decentralize products and services

Join this keynote session with Michael Smith, Senior Vice President and CISO, ATI Physical Therapy

Protecting your organization from attack can seem like an upward struggle, with threats becoming more intelligent and complex at an increasingly rapid rate. This session will discuss how your organization can stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

Join this interactive boardroom session in partnership with EnterpriseDB

Businesses across industries are increasingly adopting new technologies designed to empower digital transformation. That is why forward-thinking companies are turning to open source technologies, like Postgres, which provides the greatest flexibility so you can harness the power of your data. Where are you on the journey?

Session will touch on:

  • Drivers for transformation in your industry / company
  • The typical technology initiatives resulting from the need to change
  • Where the introduction of new technology / exit of legacy plays a role, what are some of the benefits / hurdles

Moderated by Julian Moffett, Field CTO, EnterpriseDB

Join this keynote session in partnership with Island

Bradon Rogers, Head of Presales, Customer Success and Product Marketing, Island

The application enterprises use the most is the browser. In fact, in most enterprises it has become our primary work environment, but the browser we most often use was built for consumers. What if the browser was designed for the enterprise? What could that do for security, productivity and work itself? Join this session to discuss:

  • Introduction of innovative possibilities for critical application protection
  • Simplifying and securing third-party contractor & business process outsourcer access
  • Providing viable and easy to consume BYOD strategies
  • Creating an employee experience centered on productivity and flexibility
  • Reimagining how IT leaders can enable users while creating unique business value

In order to optimise infrastructure, your organisation is faced with a variety of cloud platforms each with their own security measures and weaknesses, This session will be exploring how to protect your assets across a range of attack surfaces.

  • Ransomware - three-pronged protection
  • Hybrid approach to cloud security
  • Authentication and Access control

Join this interactive boardroom session in partnership with Turing

As the business uses for AI become more sophisticated by the day, companies of all sizes and industries are striving to integrate AI into every aspect of business they can. However, market research has shown that the ROI on these investments are still only reaped by a select few industry leaders.

This boardroom discussion will allow participants to discuss the most pressing challenges that their businesses are facing as they implement AI at scale within their organizations to drive value and mitigate risks so that they can stay ahead of their competition.

Moderated by Sandip Parekh Head of Services, Turing and David Wei Head of Engineering, Turing


Moderated by Barry Brunsman, Global CIO Center of Excellence Leader, KPMG

IT talent remains in short supply, despite layoffs from tech giants.

In this session, Dr. Barry Brunsman will be leading the discussion looking into the severity of the problem, the repercussions and how you can be prepared for the future

  • The labor shortage.  How bad is it?
  • Why does the labor shortage matter?
  • Strategies to win the talent war

Join this interactive boardroom in association with Securonix

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response solutions have been deployed by many organizations trying to improve their incident response practices. However, a successful SOAR implementation requires planning and resources. Join this session to discuss and learn:

  • What are the most common challenges in this process and how can organizations prepare to address and avoid them?
  • What are the "low hanging fruits" that could reduce time-to-value, and ensure that results can be built and expanded upon over time?

Moderated by Augusto Barros, VP, Cyber Security Evangelist, Securonix

Pat Stahl, VP of Technology at WABC-TV

Your relationship with a new team member begins the moment they apply.  This is your first chance to start signaling to them and your existing team members what your culture values and how it will adapt to the next chapter.  We will talk through the levels of leader engagement you achieve and how you can go from merely completing your mission to doing so with a happy and engaged team. 

Demonstrating your dedication to each individual with kindness and authenticity will pay dividends as you grow together.

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